The Quarks

Concrete actions are the core center of Team for the Planet's project.

We consider that in an emergency context, when the root of a problem is so well-known, action has to come first rather than speeches mentioning 'we just need to - we have to - I would have done things differently'.


How to become a Quark?

When a shareholder carries out an action meeting one of Team for the Planet's needs, which had been stated (whether by Team for the Planet, by a Planet or by a Comet), he becomes a Quark.

Those Quarks form the foundation of Team for the Planet's existence.

The shareholders are full of abilities which can be useful at some point. The only thing remaining is to know when to activate those skills…

A 1h training is enough to become a Quark.


time depends on the need for which the Quark is solicited.

In Physics, a quark is the tiniest elementary particle of the matter.

In other words, the quark is the foundation of the entire Univers' existence.