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Cargo ship providing low-carbon transport of goods.

La leva politica utilizzata
Zero emissioni
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Data di presentazione 21 dicembre 2020 Fondatori Aliénor Martin-Péridier Luogo di sviluppo Francia

Il progetto in dettaglio

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Qual è il problema risolto?

The need to transport goods (especially those related to a specific location) without emitting undue quantities of CO2, but also of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere.

Come si risolve?

By harnessing the free and abundant offshore wind power with wind-powered cargo ships. We are launching the construction of a first fleet of 4 modern cargo ships, the first of which will be launched in the fall of 2022. With an overall length of 78m, they will be able to transport 1000 tons of goods, or 1000 EURO pallets and 135 barrels, in addition to 12 passengers. Additional studies to the plans already drawn up, carried out by a French shipyard, should lead to the signature of a construction contract with the latter in July 2021. TOWT is part of a highly differentiating commercial approach, providing shippers with tangible and quantified proof of decarbonation for their customers, as well as promoting the locality and origin of products through its transport. Reduction of the environmental impact of transport: We provide tangible and operational solutions that can be compared with the environmental commitments of shippers. The main impact is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, through the massive reduction of diesel consumption thanks to a main propulsion system and a hydrogeneration which will cover a large part of the energy needs of the ship. Our cargo ship will emit 0.6g of CO2 per ton of cargo transported per km, which we compare to between 10.1g and 30.5 of CO2/T/km (ADEME data for container ships from 1200 to 7500EVP). On low estimates, each cargo ship of our fleet will avoid the emission of 1200T of CO2 per year. Quality monitoring of goods: The ventilation of the holds, coupled with an on-board organoleptic crisis anticipation software, allows us to provide real added value in terms of quality, of interest to shippers. Marketing strategy: The ANEMOS label allows a strategic commercial positioning and a strong differentiation. On board, audio-visual communicating on-board equipment will produce the contents retranscribed via a digital boarding platform running on GIS software crossing, to the classic maritime data (GPS), the data of the "carbon" type, the dynamic grib data and a time-stamped tool for putting on line photos and videos, message of the logbook for a real immersive platform of customer experience which will be developed in parallel with the site and the afferent application.

Chi sono i potenziali clienti?

Shippers of all types, our first customers are importers or exporters of coffee, cocoa, wines and spirits, luxury goods, cosmetics, textiles, ... TOWT has chosen to transport goods in the form of pallets and not containers, allowing a fast (un)loading (6h) and a follow-up of the temperature and hygrometry conditions of the holds. The front peak can accommodate up to 135 barrels. In addition to the coffee, cocoa, wine, spirits and textiles already on board, we will be able to load all types of non-refrigerated goods, whether palletized or not. Today, 72m€ of pre-orders have already been signed with more than twenty client-loaders over the next 10 years.

In che modo questa soluzione è diversa?

We offer a carrying capacity of 1000T, 35 times greater than existing sailing vessels, and can rely on our knowledge of the sector based on ten years of experience in sailing for various clients and on our own account. The innovation is partly technological - but largely derisory since it is based on the assembly of pre-existing technologies - but above all it is commercial.