Become an assessor

Published on May 29, 2024


Collective intelligence to select the highest- potential innovations

Team for the Planet relies on the collective intelligence of its community, science and adaptable methods to select the highest potential innovations in the field of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the selection phases?

The process is completed in 4 phases:

1. Pre-selection by assessors

2. Scientific validation by the Scientific Committee

3. Validation of the market potential via growth hacking methods

4. Ethical validation by the Supervisory Committee and a vote by all of the shareholders.

Why have a collective pre-selection phase?

There is a climate emergency and it is essential to move quickly to find and deploy solutions.

Thanks to a collective pre-selection phase, each innovation can be assessed very rapidly and by a very large number of people in order to limit any bias. One or two people can get it wrong or lack objectivity. This risk is removed by several dozen assessors with diverse profiles and knowledge, who give their opinions.

This initial phase allows for identifying innovations that are a good match for Team for the Planet’s scope of action. These innovations respond to one of the 20 areas of focus identified to fight against climate change and have high-impact potential, on a global scale.

--- picture 20 areas ---

Who can become an assessor?

Anybody!!! That is what makes collective intelligence so powerful.

The role of assessor is not restricted to experts with 40 years of industry experience or 10 years of study in a given scientific field, it’s open to everybody.

By knowing Team for the Planet’s selection criteria and its vision, anybody can contribute a relevant opinion on the potential of an innovation. Obviously, a certain level of knowledge about climate issues is required if a person wants to contribute relevant responses. We thought of you: our science dossier provides an overview of key facts (in less than 100 pages^^).

How does it work in reality?

It couldn’t be simpler!

You register for a 1-hour training session to learn about the assessment criteria and officially become an assessor. There are sessions every week :-)

You will then receive regular updates about proposed innovations. You only need to choose the ones that you wish to evaluate.

You can check out the innovations at your own pace, directly online, in just a few minutes.

This is how you can contribute to our extensive fight against climate change :D