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Bati Sens is the solution to meet the challenges of the building industry decarbonization.

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Zero emissions
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Submission date October 13, 2022 Founders Eric Bouvatier Development location Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

Bati Sens wants to provide a solution to the problem of GHGs emitted by buildings, 60% of which are emitted during construction and 40% during the 50-year life of the building.

How is the problem solved?

Our solution industrializes the only constructive method that decarbonizes the building twice: 1st/ our wood-straw walls store 13 kg of CO2/sqm of the building's facade while the other solutions are ALL CO2 emitters. 2nd/ passive level by dividing by 30 the energy needed to heat

What is the customer target?

Social landlords, developers, and local authorities. Then, with our R&D plans, we will be able to industrialize thermal insulation from the outside and thus generalize the renovation of existing buildings with our carbon sink solution.

How is this solution different?

Bati Sens has built a production line that is already 4 times more productive than its straw wood counterparts. The wood-straw solution is the least carbon-intensive of all construction methods and has an unequaled thermal performance in winter and summer. Help us finance our take-off but also our R&D plans, which will allow us to lower prices by 30% and increase production.