Biosphere Solar

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Biosphere Solar offers businesses and homeowners truly sustainable solar panels, ethically produced, efficient and durable, disassemblable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Submission date October 24, 2022 Founders Siemen Brinksma Development location Delft, Netherlands

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

PV is the most important renewable energy source. However, the modules are still immensely difficult to recycle and impossible to repair. Most precious materials end up in landfills or are crushed and downcycled. We expect 78 million tonnes of unrecyclable PV waste by 2050, seriously compromising humanity's prospects of a long-lasting sustainable energy system. Moreover, the aesthetics of PV modules are seen as unfavourable by many consumers and PV production causes unnecessary excess CO2 emissions and uses forced labour.

How is the problem solved?

Biosphere Solar advances the sustainability of PV through fair and circular manufacturing principles. With an open-source approach and low-CAPEX modular design, the company is gearing up for disruptive, local production all over the world. The product design is more durable and allows for disassembly at the end of life. This means more power output, ethical production and a fully closed material loop.

What is the customer target?

Our beachhead customers are innovative homeowners, business owners and architects who install solar for ideological reasons, and want to be part of a movement shaping the future of energy.

How is this solution different?

Biosphere Solar has its strength in marketing and branding. The company has managed to build a widespread network and is now starting to build a launching customer base. The market for Solar PV is growing so rapidly that there is enough demand for all players, but the supply of fair and circular PV is lacking, especially in the premium segment. Biosphere targets these innovators with a product fitting to a greater story of a transition to a sustainable society, without compromising on aesthetics and well-being.