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'Team points' are awarded according to the adequacy of the solution with the type of innovations sought by Team for the Planet. They correspond to the analysis of several factors :

  • impact potential: impact average score > 4 => 0,5 point / if > 4,15 => 1 point.
  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
  • the favourite: % of assessments judge the innovation as a top one to act on a global scale against greenhouse gases > 20% => 1 point
  • the targeting: validation of Team for the Planet scope of action higher than 90% => 0,5 point + innovation level of maturity is enough => 0,5 point
  • social acceptability: semantic analysis score of comments > 0 => 0,5 point/ if > 3500 => 1 point
54 assessments

Submitted for assessment : After checking that an innovation is within the scope of the 20 issues Team for the Planet targets and that it has reached a sufficient maturity, the innovation is being assessed.

Powerful cells made from cheap, abundant and environmentally friendly materials.

Lever of action
Energy efficiency
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Submission date February 16, 2021 Founders Mariam Ezzedine Development location France

Detailed project

NB: this form is filled entirely by the ones submitting the innovation.

What is the issue addressed?

Li-ion battery technology has reached 87% of its commercially achievable cell limit for energy density; acquiring the remaining 13% will be costly and slow with limited returns on investments. The fundamental limitation is at the electrode level and cannot change unless electrodes are re-engineered.

How is the problem solved?

HIPERSSYS is developing advanced hybrid nanostructured electrode architectures that enable the fabrication of Li-ion batteries with theoretical specific energies that are five times higher than that of today’s commercial batteries.

What is the customer target?

Consumer electronics devices, electric vehicles, grid scale energy storage, as well as aviation, aeronautical and defense. Our potential clients are businesses that integrate Li-ion batteries in their products, such as Group Renault, HP, Proinso, etc

How is this solution different?

HIPERSSYS provides metal-free, Silicon-Sulfur, Li-ion battery, and is free of binders and additives. While commercial batteries include binders and additives which add a dead weight (15-20%) to the battery. HIPERSSYS has a novel technique for the fabrication of Li-ion battery electrodes based on the bottom-up hierarchical nano-structuration principle.