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'Team points' are awarded according to the adequacy of the solution with the type of innovations sought by Team for the Planet. They correspond to the analysis of several factors :

  • impact potential: impact average score > 4 => 0,5 point / if > 4,15 => 1 point.
  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
  • the favourite: % of assessments judge the innovation as a top one to act on a global scale against greenhouse gases > 20% => 1 point
  • the targeting: validation of Team for the Planet scope of action higher than 90% => 0,5 point + innovation level of maturity is enough => 0,5 point
  • social acceptability: semantic analysis score of comments > 0 => 0,5 point/ if > 3500 => 1 point
69 assessments

Submitted to the Sci. Committee : After the evaluations made by our volunteer assessors, innovations with the strongest impact potential are submitted to the Scientific Committee. The managing directors are responsible for the choice.

New technology of wave engine which allows to use the immense reserve of the force of the waves to produce competitive and not intermittent electricity.

Lever of action
Zero emissions
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Submission date April 08, 2021 Founders Jean-Luc Stanek Development location France

Detailed project

NB: this form is filled entirely by the ones submitting the innovation.

What is the issue addressed?

most decarbonized competitive energy <0.5geqCO2/KWh+Water+H2+decarbonization of the global atmosphere (Whale)+datacenter

How is the problem solved?

ultra-competitive, scalable, quick to manufacture & install anywhere on the planet, for everyone without negative impact + high social & environmental acceptability

What is the customer target?

communities, energy providers, datacenter, producers of renewable energy, freshwater, green hydrogen + off-shore wind + decarbonization of the world atmosphere

How is this solution different?

Only ENR to produce more than 8000h/year, <20€/MWh, <0,5geqCO2/KWh, designed to be assembled and used everywhere very quickly to respond to the climate emergency, with a scalable business model with self-sustaining BFR, + only one to ensure the protection against coastal erosion