Releaf Paper

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The world's first manufacturer of sustainable paper from fallen leaves

Submission date 17 de marzo de 2022 Founders Alexander Sobolenko Development location Kyiv, Ucrania

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

About 3.1 millions hectares of forest are cut down for paper production every year. We believe that trees should grow in the forest, humanity should breathe oxygen and paper should be made of fallen leaves. Our mission is the manufacturing of sustainable paper from biowastes without harming the environment.

How is the problem solved?

We change the approach for packaging supply and satisfy growing demand without harming the planet. In cooperation with global brands we promote sustainable alternative to extermination of ancient forest for paper. Using fallen leaves we get paper in the production of which not any tree had been cut.

What is the customer target?

Wide range manufacturers and retailers which use paper and paper packaging in their operations.

How is this solution different?

1. Releaf Paper is made from plant waste while plain paper requires tree felling. 2. CO2 emission is 78% lower comparing to traditional paper manufacturing 3. Paper from leaves degrades in 30 days in the soil while the period of biogradation of ordinary paper starts from 270 days