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Team for the Planet is committed to the transparency and clarity of cookie usage about your browsing on our website.

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During your visit on our website, information related to the use of your device can be recorded in some small text files called “cookies”, which are placed on your browser and remember your preferences/some details of your visit. Cookies will be used to recognize your device during the valid period of time of the cookie in question. A cookie is activated in writing or reading mode.

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They are determined according to the nature of cookies.

Cookies used by our website, not submitted to your consent, are essential to the smooth functioning of our site. These are technical cookies.

Technical cookies

Those without consent cookies concern the following functionalities:

The other cookies used by the website

Cookies used on our website are:


During your first visit on our site, you can accept or refuse to use the following cookies:

If you don’t want a cookie to be installed or read on your device, a refusal cookie will be registered on your device allowing Team for the Planet to collect your opposition regarding the use of this specific cookie.

On the other hand, when you enable a cookie, a consent cookie will be registered on your device.

You can, freely and at any time, manage your choices and preferences by clicking on “Manage cookies” at the bottom of each website page.

Cookies management

To disable or manage cookies, the following tool is used:

Setting up the navigation software

You can set up your browser to automatically either record or reject the cookies, either systematically or according to the issuer.

You can regularly delete your cookies from your device via your browser.

For the management of your choices and cookies, the setup of each browser is different. The setup is described in the help menu of your browser, which allows you to know how to modify your choices in terms of cookies. For example :

However, we draw your attention to the fact that by configuring your browser to refuse cookies, some functionalities, pages and spaces of our site, which need the use of cookies, won’t be accessible, which we cannot be responsible for.

To know more about the way to manage your browser, we invite you to check the CNIL website (available in English):

Entry into force

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