What is the role of innovators at Team for the Planet?

Published on April 19, 2023


All through history, scientists have held a central place in our societies.

Advisors to politicians, kings, pharaohs… Nothing could be decided without them.

And yet, over the last decades, their voices have got lost in all the noise generated by business and the desire for growth at all costs.

Now, faced with an unprecedented climate emergency, we have to put useful and effective solutions at the center of our models. To put some real meaning in the word “progress”!

Concrete problem-solving is an absolute emergency, requiring, among other things, research.

Our world needs major innovations now.

Lots of innovations so far haven’t been designed to be globally used. Or their creators didn’t have the knowledge or the desire to spread them on the markets.

We can no longer risk not using these discoveries to their full potential. This is one of the levers we can pull to deal with climate change. That is if we can implement inventions concretely, on a global scale.

Team for the Planet aims to detect as many innovations reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, or rare material use as possible.

They may be high-tech, low-tech, or even no-tech, so long as the impact is real.

For the moment, our strength is Team for the Planet's community, which can source innovations and send them along to us. But we also get help from the scientific networks we are in touch with!

These innovations are then submitted to our network of assessors - that's where we use collective intelligence. The ones preselected by our assessors go to our scientific committee tasked with determining their reliability as well as the possibility of scaling them up to be open-sourced and global.

We select innovations that also have the potential to be implemented functionally from an economic standpoint.

They are then turned into companies and developed by a team of entrepreneurs so their effect is the fastest possible.