Levers of change: being the needle in the haystack that turns the world upside down

Published on April 18, 2024


A very small number of individuals can radically change the world. Here's how.

Climate change will bring catastrophic events too terrible for our way of life and the globalized economy to be maintained. The world at +3°C is an unlivable world: hundreds of millions of climate refugees migrations, major coastal cities destructions, water wars, unpredictable epidemics, farmlands decrease while the population increases, economic crisis due to the lack of sufficient energy production compared to our growing needs (harder and harder to produce oil, no actual green energy alternative available).

We are the last generation able to fight against climate change before it’s too late.

Thing is, it is impossible to convince billions of people to completely change their way of living, all at the same time.

So what now? Instead of giving up, we need to find a way to make a real impact, no matter if we are only a few thousand. That’s why Team for the Planet was born, to answer this need for action, and it will do it by means of 4 levers of change.

1st lever of change: Creating efficient companies by bringing together inventors, entrepreneurs and funds

We believe in human ingenuity. We do know that, as we write, scientists and inventors from all over the world are creating solutions able to stop climate change. For our sake, it is vital that these inventions become, as soon as possible, global scale companies with a worldwide impact, so that they can replace outdated technologies responsible for huge CO2 emissions. We already have identified dozens of innovations able to significantly reduce greenhouse gases. The real challenge is to grow them, now! To do so, the best way we see is to associate each inventor with highly-skilled entrepreneurs and provide this team with the necessary funds.

There you have it, that’s what Team for the Planet is.

Yes, but, actually, there is more to it!

2nd lever of change: Sharing all innovations through open-source inspired models

Setting up one company to develop an invention is great, but it won’t be enough: it’s simply too risky. The company might fail or take too long to grow. Keeping their discoveries a secret might only be the best way to fail to spread on a global scale and have the maximum impact we so dearly need.

To learn more about our plans to deploy open-source inspired projects: it's here!

That’s exactly why Team for the Planet decided to take our fight to another level by sharing every discovery through open-source inspired models, allowing human ingenuity to copy, improve and share faster innovations that are fundamental for mankind's survival. The era of global cooperation begins. By creating companies that renounce intellectual property, we open the way both for thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same all over the world and for thousands of scientists to improve and reinforce them.

'Today, research is more than ever about cooperation; Galileo used to work alone'Jean Jouzel, climatologist, Nobel Peace Prize 2007 with IPPC, and board member of Team for the Planet.

3rd lever of change: The power of money

We don't have time anymore. We have no choice but to go fast, very fast. To do so, investments must be substantial and quickly available. Money is still, and by far, the most effective catalyst of entrepreneurship, even if it does not guarantee success. Learn more about how we invest in the companies we create.

4th lever of change: Reinvesting 100% of the profits and creating a new performance indicator: the PRR (Planet Rate of Return)

Companies created by Team for the Planet will face a double challenge: simultaneously solve environmental problems and be profitable. With that in mind, we decided to evaluate our investments with our own designed indicator, the Climate Dividends, instead of the usual IRR (Internal Rate of Return which is more or less a return on investment).

Among newly created companies, the profitable ones will give back a part of their profit (as dividend and/or payback of initial investment with a coefficient) to Team for the Planet. These profits will allow us to:

Thanks to this cycle, each euro invested by our partners will do more than just create "generation 1" companies. It will also, through the profits generated by the first generation, allow the creation of “generation 2” companies, and so on…

There is no time left

Team for the Planet is an emergency plan, proposing to switch to an "economic war" mode. A war against a common and well-known enemy for all mankind: climate change. But a war waged with our minds and hearts. Our minds, seeking an effective method of action, without violence, pressure, or guilt, but based on science, entrepreneurship, and vigor. Our hearts, counting on citizens’ desire to use intellectual, financial, and mental resources for the common good rather than the pursuit of individual interests.