The Comets

A Comet has only one purpose.

It is designed to achieve an action that meets one of Team for the Planet's need.


3 roles are needed to create a Comet:


A role of Comet Leader: he is the guarantor of the Comet's purpose and of the execution of the action undertaken.


A role of Gluon: in charge of welcoming, matching needs and skills, and thanking for the actions put in place.


A role of Memory Bank: in charge of transcribing the actions undertaken within the Comet.

To appear in Team for the Planet's Galaxy, a Comet must be created by a Comet Leader, a role requiring specific training.


A Comet is in motion and is therefore temporary and will disappear once its mission is accomplished.

There are three steps in the life of a Comet

1. The emergence

  • we clarify the action to be carried out
  • we assign the roles
  • we light up the Egregore fire

2. The life

Depending on new needs that emerge, the Comet will create and assign new roles.

3. The end

All good things come to an end one day, and it's an awesome opportunity to get together to:

  • congratulate each other
  • present the results to the Galaxy members
  • say goodbye