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A crowd-sourced data-centric approach to gain situational & actionable info for advocacy

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Submission date September 27, 2022 Founders Hamid Ali Development location Lahore, Pakistan

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What is the issue addressed?

The fast degrading air quality in Pakistani Punjab is treated as a seasonal occurrence whereas the reality is opposite: Pakistanis are constantly breathing in hazardous air. Most people, including the govt., don’t even realize this and there is an overall lack of awareness and inaction at all levels

How is the problem solved?

Must Mahaul app will provide a platform for conscious citizens to engage with other like minded people to spread awareness and help better track the air quality index through direct and indirect means. The collected data will provide insights and evidence to push policy makers to action at all level

What is the customer target?

Market will be built incrementally starting with environment-conscious people setting the direction that will be followed by people who were aware but lacked direction and eventually spreading awareness to the receptive educated youth and middle-aged

How is this solution different?

Must Mahaul app has been designed indigenously keeping in mind the challenges and aspirations of an average Pakistani citizen. The bulk of population in Pakistan is young and a social media-esque platform like Must Mahaul can be a master-stroke in propagating awareness and action among the wider population.