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  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
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Energy self-sufficiency to promote decarbonisation and protect the environment

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Energy efficiency
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Submission date June 08, 2023 Founders Eric HALIMI Development location Villeurbanne, Switzerland

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

Our innovative solution responds to growing energy needs thanks to a renewable and inexhaustible source of green energy: the sun. Applicable to many domains, our solution contributes to sustainable development through its aims of achieving 0 C02 emissions and of preserving natural resources.

How is the problem solved?

Our solution, a transparent photovoltaic gel, provides smart mobile devices with a fully-autonomous energy supply, promotes energy self-sufficiency of homes, reduces energy dependency and improves the self-sufficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles. It's only source of energy is the sun.

What is the customer target?

The tertiary sector (housing developers, glass manufacturers), in-vehicle systems and transport (car manufacturers and subcontractors) as well as smart mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, drone, IoT manufacturers, etc.) Emergence Solar's solution won medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (Energy Category) and was one of 100 winners at The Arch 2023 (the European event to accelerate energy transition. Its environmental ambition: to reduce the CO2 emissions of new cars and new building constructions in Europe by 26% by 2035. And more broadly, a 15% reduction at a global level. This will enable an 8% reduction of emissions of GHG by 2035 for new vehicles, buildings, and houses (the transport and tertiary sectors being responsable for more than 60% of C02 emissions around the world).

How is this solution different?

Versatility and adaptability of the transparent photovoltaic substance. Various domains of application. Evolutive: regardless of the type of cells chosen, the gel will be able to integrate into the solar cells of tomorrow. Use of few natural resources. Absence of recycling problems (integrated hydro gel). An inexpensive solution and a suitable financial model: the sale of licences with transfers of competence.