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Submitted for assessment : After checking that an innovation is within the scope of the 20 issues Team for the Planet targets and that it has reached a sufficient maturity, the innovation is being assessed.

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Submission date October 30, 2023 Founders IVA OSMOND OSMOND Development location SAINT MARTIN, France

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

Production d'électricité à 0 carbone et autonome et quasiment gratuite

How is the problem solved?

Création d'une micro station d'électricité alimentée uniquement à l'eau, la machine transforme l'eau en gaz d'hydrogène puis en électricité. Sa force est un module innovant qui permet l'autonomie de la machine.

What is the customer target?

Particuliers, entreprises et collectivités

How is this solution different?

Il n'y a pas de concurrence