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'Team points' are awarded according to the adequacy of the solution with the type of innovations sought by Team for the Planet. They correspond to the analysis of several factors :

  • impact potential: impact average score > 4 => 0,5 point / if > 4,15 => 1 point.
  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
  • the favourite: % of assessments judge the innovation as a top one to act on a global scale against greenhouse gases > 20% => 1 point
  • the targeting: validation of Team for the Planet scope of action higher than 90% => 0,5 point + innovation level of maturity is enough => 0,5 point
  • social acceptability: semantic analysis score of comments > 0 => 0,5 point/ if > 3500 => 1 point
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Seaturns: the reliable solution for harnessing the energy of waves

Stade d’avancement lors de l’investissement Lever of action
Zero emissions
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Entreprise fondée en Diciembre 2015
Fondateurs Vincent Tournerie
Effectif -
Date d'entrée de TFTP 22 de diciembre de 2023
Investissement de TFTP 800.000 €
Détention de TFTP 20,19 %

The projet in details

What is the issue addressed?

Wave swell is a significant, global and decarbonised energy resource of of around 1000GW. Today, this ressource remains untapped, even though it could allow us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from global electricity production.

How is the problem solved?

Based on an innovative anchorage and pendulum system, our technology reshuffles the deck of the wave and tidal energy sector. The movement of wave swell creates a permanent air flow that feeds a turbine and a generator. Simple and robust, our technology has the potential to be deployed worldwide

What is the customer target?

Our solution covers a wide range of electricity needs, from MWh to TWh. It is aimed at: - Large energy providers - Industries with significant energy use - Local and regional authorities - Areas not connected to the network

How is this solution different?

Our technology makes it possible to have different production systems on the same anchorage. This means that we can respond to all needs while staying competitive and minimising the impact on ocean floors. Our technology has a favourable power/mass ratio. It stands out on account of its robustness and its simplicity. Our technology works on a great number of sites around the world