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A card game which encourage in a playful way families or to act better with IT consumption

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Submission date 26 de septiembre de 2023 Founders Guillaume Kerrien Development location Toulouse, Reino Unido

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What is the issue addressed?

Sustainable IT is more and more developed in companies and public organizations. But how to sensibilise populations too? Within governmental or educational communications, it is often said to reduce emails etc. (Usage) but the key is to reduce the equipments rate first.

How is the problem solved?

I created a simple card game and you win by being efficient between your IT equipments & usages. for adults/kids. The environmental impact of IT equipment is popularisef so you understand magnitudes between all day life equipments: TV, PC, hifi, IoT… The game is self supporting (nudge approach)

What is the customer target?

Schools, families, young people who like board plays, professionals for Sustainable IT trainings, associations

How is this solution different?

Adapted to kids and non-sensibilized people. Easy to play (20min)