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A Pollutant Management Platform

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Submission date 17 de octubre de 2023 Founders Ruben Klein Development location Santiago, Chile

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What is the issue addressed?

Have pollutants traceability that allows early actions to be taken (reducing silica desease) and regulatory compliance.

How is the problem solved?

We developed a Pollutant Management platform to have traceability, alerts, reports, predictions of pollutants events

What is the customer target?

We are B2B. Mining, constructions, Oil and Gas, industries.

How is this solution different?

Unlike its competitors, Bluetek has developed a pollutant management platform capable of collecting environmental information from different sensors (hardware agnostic) and through AI and data analysis we can generate preventive alarms to avoid risk situations and reporting to have KPIs and traceability. Solving an important pain to Industries, communities and regional governments.