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The Ultimate Sustainable Organic Drink Service

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Submission date 17 de noviembre de 2023 Founders Eugene Hustoff Development location Riga, Letonia

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What is the issue addressed?

Our service covers the need for any other tonic drinks 1.5+ liters of high-quality, 100% natural beverage per day. 24/7 With our service, the inorganic waste from all your drinks in a month will amount to 45 gr.

How is the problem solved?

92% of the packaging is made from recycled materials, and in the near future, we will raise this figure to 100%. We eliminate the use of disposable cups. With the Tree-Nation project, we completely offset the CO2 emitted by our consumers.

What is the customer target?

In B2B, it's companies that care about their employees and the environment, share our values, and contribute to our collective future. In B2C, it's professionals/freelancers, city dwellers consuming tonic drinks like coffee, energy drinks, sodas ...

How is this solution different?

Comprehensive approach. UX and our infusion tablets.