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Accelerate the low-carbon transition and restrict the CO2 emissions potential of heavy industry, through the strengthening of laws regulating emissions.

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Submission date 14 de junio de 2021 Founders Thomas Norhadian

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

Need to accelerate the transformation of heavy industry in the face of the current climate emergency.

How is the problem solved?

CarbonLock uses the ETS carbon markets, where we buy and freeze CO2 emission rights. This has the following consequences - Restricting the emission possibilities of heavy industry (and thus decreasing CO2 emissions) - Financing the development of less polluting technologies for heavy industry: using the funds obtained from the sale of emission rights by the countries in the area (and thus decreasing CO2 emissions) The result is thus a double effect on the decrease of CO2 emissions.

What is the customer target?

The target market is any business or structure wishing to improve its environmental impact through the reduction of its net CO2 emissions or the simple compensation of its emissions. The flexibility of the innovation allows it to be adapted to any structure, whether public, private, large or small.

How is this solution different?

One of the reasons for the innovative nature of the innovation is that CarbonLock addresses the GHG problem from both ends: - reducing the potential for emissions - accelerating the financing of low-carbon technology innovations In addition, our business model and labeling approach allows for the involvement of civil society (consumers, businesses, etc.) in the process, so that their voices can be heard at entirely new levels. The combination of the impact on emissions at source, the financing of innovations and the involvement of civil society through the business model is unique to date.