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Large companies, SMEs, startups, investment funds...

Your company can take action
against climate change
on a global scale.

Ok, ma come?

Join 5.279 companies like yours and fight greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Team for the Planet raccoglie fondi
per rilevare e distribuire 100 innovazioni globali
contro i gas a effetto serra.

Invest and receive certified proof of your contribution to carbon neutrality every year.

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Alcune innovazioni già finanziate e distribuite da Team for the Planet

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We won’t win the fight for the planet without businesses.

The reality: To stay below 2°C we must quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

The first step is to implement actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to your company's activities.

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Unfortunately, some emissions are incompressible, and much of your emissions are out of your control (scope 3).

We therefore need to act at a systemic level, by developing and democratizing low-carbon goods and services.

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Become a player in decarbonization.

Your company invests in Team for the Planet

Buy Team for the Planet shares, or offer shares to your employees to get them onboard as well.


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Your investment finances tomorrow's low-carbon goods and services

Almeno il 80% del tuo denaro finanzia innovazioni che avranno un enorme impatto globale contro le emissioni di gas serra.

Un massimo del 20% è utilizzato per le spese di funzionamento (spese legali, stipendi, sviluppo web, ecc.).

I nostri conti sono pubblici. Vedere i conti.


Receive certified Climate Dividends each year

We do not pay any financial dividends to our shareholders. All profits coming from funded innovations are reinvested in innovations.

You will receive a precise follow-up of the quantity of greenhouse gases reduced or captured thanks to your investment. This follow-up is materialized by Climate Dividends, which appear in your extra-financial communication.


Investing in Team for the Planet as a company means...


Accurately measure your contribution to global carbon neutrality

Each year, you receive Climate Dividends, which correspond to the tons of CO2 eq reduced or captured thanks to your investment. Climate Dividends are certified by a robust and transparent methodology recognized by several major global standards. They’re extra-financial information that allows you to manage your low-carbon investment strategy extremely efficiently.

This accurate reporting can be integrated into your non-financial performance documents.


Make your investment a differentiating asset

Investing in Team for the Planet means positioning yourself as a visionary and audacious company. This becomes a comparative advantage that you can show to your customers, your providers, your partners, and employees and use in tenders calls.

Your dedicated page on Team for the Planet website enables you to explain your engagement. It can be integrated into your own digital tools (such as your website or online documents).


Unite around a forward-looking company project

More and more citizens are concerned about the issue of climate change, including your own employees. When your company becomes a shareholder of Team for the Planet, we suggest that you also offer shares to them as an incentive or propose they join Team's ecosystem. For example, they can become assessors or volunteer contributors to help the project grow.

Benefit from our communication tools, public events, and content all year round to raise awareness and unite your teams.


Be at the heart of the solution

We are convinced that companies will lead the rapid and global change we need. Joining Team for the Planet means taking part in a concrete, action-oriented project. In the face of the climate emergency, every company can invest, whatever its size or sector. You can participate at your level in a collective global effort to decarbonize the economy and act in a systemic way.

By communicating your investment in Team for the Planet, you can inspire your entire ecosystem to take action against climate disruption and help create a community of committed investors.

Does that talk do you?

Alcuni esempi delle prossime innovazioni che potremmo finanziare.

Non possiamo farlo senza il tuo aiuto.

Chiusura dei finanziamenti per queste innovazioni in X
Chiusura dei finanziamenti per queste innovazioni in X

Marine Permaculture

92 valutazioni

Le foreste di macroalghe catturano enormi quantità di carbonio, migliorano la vita acquatica e possono essere raccolte per nutrire la popolazione mondiale.


68 valutazioni

Produzione di combustibile a zero carbonio su larga scala e ad un costo equivalente ai combustibili fossili.


21 valutazioni

Rendere possibile la transizione energetica con una soluzione massiccia di stoccaggio dell'elettricità.


32.258.772 €

già raccolti* * Capital + committed subscriptions + cumulative sales before tax of the company since its creation

Su 40.000.000 €

Mancano solo 3 mesi, una settimana e 5 giorni per raggiungere questo obiettivo.
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Climate Dividends, or how to account for the impact of your investment

1 = 1 tonnellata di CO2 equivalente non emessa o sequestrata

Each year, you will receive the number of Climate Dividends generated by your investment in Team for the Planet.

You will receive Climate Dividends every year, even if you have only invested once.

These Climate Dividends can be used in your extra-financial communication.

Climate Dividends governance

One of the particularities of Team for the Planet

Exponential impact of your investment through the open source model

Open source enables innovations to spread widely and be available to all humanity. It makes the impact of your investment and your Climate Dividend multiply in global value.

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