Wise System

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Empowering Comprehensive Sustainability Alignment and Implementation

La leva politica utilizzata
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Data di presentazione 08 settembre 2023 Fondatori Lotfi Kaabi Luogo di sviluppo Toulouse, Francia

Il progetto in dettaglio

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Qual è il problema risolto?

The Wise System addresses the problem/need of navigating the complex landscape of environmental, social, and economic responsibilities in a world where sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity.

Come si risolve?

It supports organizations by aligning sustainability objectives, conducting evidence-based assessments, tailoring recommendations, and guiding actionable implementation. This streamlined process, coupled with transparent reporting, fosters ongoing progress towards sustainability goals.

Chi sono i potenziali clienti?

Our versatile solution targets a broad spectrum of organizations, including private sector corporations, SMEs, government agencies, iNGOs, sustainability professionals, investors, and supply chain partners.

In che modo questa soluzione è diversa?

Our solution differentiates itself by offering an affordable, comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable solution that streamlines sustainability management throughout an organization with dedicated tools, making it a unique choice for holistic sustainability management. It stands out for its versatility, allowing organizations to integrate several sustainability standards seamlessly.