Wise System

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Empowering Comprehensive Sustainability Alignment and Implementation

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Submission date 8 de septiembre de 2023 Founders Lotfi Kaabi Development location Toulouse, Francia

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

The Wise System addresses the problem/need of navigating the complex landscape of environmental, social, and economic responsibilities in a world where sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity.

How is the problem solved?

It supports organizations by aligning sustainability objectives, conducting evidence-based assessments, tailoring recommendations, and guiding actionable implementation. This streamlined process, coupled with transparent reporting, fosters ongoing progress towards sustainability goals.

What is the customer target?

Our versatile solution targets a broad spectrum of organizations, including private sector corporations, SMEs, government agencies, iNGOs, sustainability professionals, investors, and supply chain partners.

How is this solution different?

Our solution differentiates itself by offering an affordable, comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable solution that streamlines sustainability management throughout an organization with dedicated tools, making it a unique choice for holistic sustainability management. It stands out for its versatility, allowing organizations to integrate several sustainability standards seamlessly.