The Supervisory Board: how it operates

Published on June 07, 2023


Team for the Planet’s Supervisory Board is tasked with controlling company management as carried out by its executives.


It is made up of between 3 to 12 members who are appointed for three years, with a renewal of one-third of the Board every year.

Supervisory Board members are appointed by the limited partner shareholders during the Annual General Meeting.

Its members appoint the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board meetings are convened either by the Chairman or the General Managers.


Each Supervisory Board member casts a single vote. However, the Chairman’s vote is tie-breaking.

The quorum required for a vote to be valid is 50%.

Powers and role:

The Supervisory Board oversees company management (financial control, auditing, challenging management, monitoring shareholding,...)

It holds the same powers as the external auditor and is provided with the same documents.

Executive management provides the Board with an annual activity report.

The Supervisory Board produces a report for the Annual General Assembly featuring:

The Supervisory Board may convene a shareholders' General Meeting without prior approval from the General Managers.