Smart cream

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an intelligent cream that eliminates overconsumption of skincare products

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Submission date August 26, 2023 Founders Sham Karunanidhi Development location Montpellier, France

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

The innovative product eliminates the use of plastic and water, and also reduces the frequency and quantity of skincare's product consumption

How is the problem solved?

Smart cream (plastic free & water free) provides longer skin hydration, that means, users don't have to apply skincare products twice a day, just once in 2 days is enough to have the required skin hydration. Smart cream being a multifunction product, there is no need to buy other skincare products

What is the customer target?

Men and women, as skin hydration is vital for everyone

How is this solution different?

Smart cream exploits aquaporin hydration technology, a technology which has been awareded a nobel prize. It replaces the retinol in skincare