Air Booster

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'Team points' are awarded according to the adequacy of the solution with the type of innovations sought by Team for the Planet. They correspond to the analysis of several factors :

  • impact potential: impact average score > 4 => 0,5 point / if > 4,15 => 1 point.
  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
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A low-carbon solution that reduces heating bills by up to 80%.

Stade d’avancement lors de l’investissement Lever of action
Energy efficiency
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Entreprise fondée en September 2019
Fondateurs Christophe FOURCAUD
Effectif -
Date d'entrée de TFTP February 12, 2024
Investissement de TFTP €1,500,000
Détention de TFTP -

The projet in details

What is the issue addressed?

The R' Booster low-carbon solution can reduce the heating bill and carbon footprint of steel-frame buildings by up to 80%. It is 3 times more powerful than photovoltaic.

How is the problem solved?

The R' Booster solution turns the walls of metal buildings into giant radiators. In winter, when it is only 10°C outside, it is possible to recover air at 51°C. This allows to heat in winter, to cool at night in summer, and to dry foodstuffs or materials.

What is the customer target?

The solution is aimed at all owners and users of metal buildings (offices, industrial, commercial, storage, agricultural). That is more than 16 million m2 each year in France alone.

How is this solution different?

The R' Booster solution is more versatile, more efficient and less expensive. Moreover, R' Booster has the International Solar Impulse Label and is protected by 2 patents.