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helping farmers everywhere transition towards synthetic-free food supply with AI

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Submission date 1 de diciembre de 2023 Founders Jerome Goerke Development location Berlin, Alemania

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What is the issue addressed?

Decades of monoculture, driven by synthetics, has resulted in soil degradation, reduced biodiversity and increased economic risk for farmers, particularly in the global south.

How is the problem solved?

We've built an AI and data-driven consulting service to support farmers transition towards a synthetic free supply chain. We do it via a global pay-it-forward mechanism that starts by granting high-grade biochar and intercropping/soil guidance to participating farmers in return for field data.

What is the customer target?

Agricultural consultants, biomarkets, financial institutions, government agencies, precision agricultural firms, data analytics firms, research institutes & agribusinesses in the global north looking to increase yields and capture carbon.

How is this solution different?

By mapping Nature, we can give farmers 1) Environmental parameter likelihood % of a crop’s growth 2) Planting pattern (e.g. hexagonal) & spacing down to 1cm 3) Companion and cover crops for pollinator maximisation 4) Soon: Correct biochar/compost mix ratios for their soil type